Sente: Behme    Gote: MaxxZahar

WSL - Division A - Round 8
Russia vs. Japan 1 - Board 2

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The initiative of this game was in Sente's hand; however the move 107 was a questionable move and Gote had a chance for winning.

Look at 110th move. Dx69 was played in the actual game but it should have been Gx68 (diag. 1). After that, the game would continue as follow: Kx, +S57!, Kx, D59 (diag. 2)...

Diag. 1
Diagram 1

Diag. 2
Diagram 2

For instance, if Sente answered D59 with G*58, Gote actually could win the game with the move order: N*45 (diag.3), Px, Nx, K47, D49, P*48, R*46, checkmate.

Diag. 3
Diagram 3

Let's go back to the move 107. Sente should have played K78 instead of K79.