Sente: Pagni    Gote: tanyachan

WSL - Division A - Round 6
Poland vs. Russia - Board 3

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Diag. 1
Diagram 6

Move 46, P*47 was better. Gote could continue attack safely even if Sente answered it with R68. The gold on 67 prevents a rook-control. Thus, Gote can attack with the move order as follow: Sx45, Sx, Rx...,which could be a faster attack relatively.

Diag. 2
Diagram 2

At move 73, Hx54 was an alternative. Gote answers it with Rx68+. Then the game would continue as follow: Hx81, Gx Gx68...

Diag. 3
Diagram 3

After that, I am not sure how the game will continue, but I will try to show an example. Perhaps R*59? R*31, S*71? N*63 B*12(Diag. 3), S*78, B*79, G*69, Bx88? Kx Rx29(Diag. 4) Nx71+ Sx B*18 Dx Lx S*82 (Diag. 5) an even game.

Diag. 4, Diag. 5
Diagram 4 Diagram 5

Diag. 6
Diagram 6

Here, move 99 was an attack chance from Gote. Sente could continue attack with the move order as follow: P+61, Bx64, Hx71, Sx, Tx...
Sente should've attacked Gote's king to use the rook on 64 as a decoy. If Gote actually took the rook, the bishop on 64 would become a useless piece at the moment. Thus Sente can continue rush with keeping initiative.