Division A

1 Brazil 17 / 916
2 Germany 16 / 916
3 Russia6 / 916
4 Japan 15 / 817
5 China5 / 612
6 Hong Kong 15 / 712
7 Austria4 / 810
8 France 13 / 910
9 Poland 12 / 78
10 Belarus1 / 55
11 Hungary1 / 73
12 Russia 20 / 63

Division B

1 Sweden8 / 918
2 France 27 / 920
3 Japan 24 / 711
4 Canada 13 / 49
5 Denmark 13 / 69
6 United Arab Emirates3 / 69
7 Brazil 22 / 55
8 Ukraine 12 / 65
9 United Kingdom1 / 64
10 Italy0 / 84

Division C

1 Ukraine 29 / 921
2 Netherlands8 / 922
3 Spain5 / 813
4 Denmark 24 / 813
5 Poland 24 / 812
6 France 34 / 810
7 Germany 23 / 99
8 Hong Kong 22 / 66
9 Mongolia1 / 88
10 Slovakia1 / 95

Division D

1 Australia7 / 718
2 Czech Republic6 / 713
3 Chile4 / 612
4 Finland3 / 611
5 Guatemala2 / 77
6 Côte d'Ivoire1 / 34
7 Brazil 31 / 64
8 Canada 20 / 62


Supported by
Japan Shogi Association:


Teaching game results
on 81dojo:

April 12th, 2020, Pro vs.
Y. Habu1 - 0dstn3422+bKifu
T. Nakamura1 - 0shift2shift+rKifu
Y. Toyama1 - 0Linkuei=Kifu

April 19th, 2020, Pro vs.
T. Ohira0 - 1skzt+rKifu
T. Ohira1 - 0SergiiT+bKifu
K. Styczynska1 - 0nick777=Kifu

May 2nd, 2020, Pro vs. /
M. Aoshima1 - 0gbuglyo+bKifu
M. Aoshima1 - 0whtan02=Kifu
M. Kitao1 - 0tantziyang=Kifu

May 10th, 2020, Pro vs.
M. Kitao0 - 1DarumaGama+2pKifu
M. Kitao1 - 0Aavygeil+2pKifu
K. Styczynska1 - 0TristanT=Kifu


Next WSL days:

    Sat. September 19th, 2pm UTC
    Sat. October 24th, 2pm UTC
    Sat. November 21st, 2pm UTC

Upcoming games

Date (UTC)Div. Player 1 Player 2Link
2020-09-21 17:00:00B RockPhill33vs.Uheifff81Dojo Web System: RockPhill33 vs. Uheifff 
2020-09-23 17:00:00C DarumaGamavs.EijiFukuoka81Dojo Web System: DarumaGama vs. EijiFukuoka 
2020-09-26 12:00:00C Melqartvs.NightmarePwner81Dojo Web System: Melqart vs. NightmarePwner 
2020-09-26 15:00:00D Atyavs.Tokyopeach81Dojo Web System: Atya vs. Tokyopeach 
2020-09-26 19:00:00A Thomasvs.gunchan81Dojo Web System: Thomas vs. gunchan 
2020-09-27 14:00:00B leoakatsukivs.tantziyang81Dojo Web System: leoakatsuki vs. tantziyang 
2020-09-28 20:00:00B Hetfield_Jamesvs.TableForTwo81Dojo Web System: Hetfield_James vs. TableForTwo 


Recent games

DateDiv.Rd.Player 1ResultPlayer 2Links
2017-02-02B9christhoper1 - 0stevencKifu81Dojo Web System: christhoper vs. stevenc
2017-01-29A11Mouse1 - 0CSPKifu81Dojo Web System: Mouse vs. CSP
2017-01-03C9IKWolf0 - 0nick77781Dojo Web System: IKWolf vs. nick777
2017-01-02B9hassan5250 - 1imosujiKifu81Dojo Web System: hassan525 vs. imosuji
2016-12-31A11inamura0 - 1jochumKifu81Dojo Web System: inamura vs. jochum




Teaching games for WSL 2019 winners on 81dojo!

Japan Shogi Associaton supports the World Shogi League!
The WSL 2019 winner teams are granted teaching games with professionals.

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WSL 2020 has started

The WSL 2020 has started with 42 teams in 4 divisions.

1st round games (April) can be started.

WSL day in April is April 18th, 14:00 GMT/UTC.

Please arrange your games until WSL day, the games have to be played until the end of each month!

The WSL team:
Christopher Gallardo Cerón (chief producer) Send PM
Thomas Pfaffel (chief organizer) Send PM
Andreas Neumaier (web designer) Send PM

Registration for 2020

Dear all, the registration for the 2020 World Shogi League has finished!

41 teams have registered for the 2020 season.

The format will be the same as last season.

The first round will start in March (and has to be finished until end of April), and continue with one game per month from May on.

Teams consist of 3 players, which have to have nationality or residence in the country they represent.

New teams will be added (according to the average 81dojo rating of the 3 standard players) to the divisions, if there are places available.

Best wishes, the WSL team!

WSL 2019 Winners

Division A:

1. Hungary
2. Belarus 1
3. Belarus 2

Relegated team:
Spain 1 (did not play several matches)

Division B:

1. Ukraine 2 (promoted)
2. Japan 1
3. Peru 1

Relegated team:
Hong Kong

Division C:

1. Malaysia (promoted)
2. Russia 2
3. France 2

Relegated team:
Czech Republic

Division D:

1. France 3 (promoted)
2. Australia 1
3. Mexico

Congratulations to the winners!

Prizes from our sponsors, Nekomado and Greencat will be awarded.

Thanks to all who participated, we will be back shortly with the invitation to the 2020 edition!

WSL 2019 Finished

Dear All,

the most recent WSL-Season has come to an end.
Winners will be announced shortly!

Thank you for your participation!

Best regards,
Your WSL Team

WSL 2018 prizes

Prizes have been delivered - see fotos below!

Thanks to all our sponsors -, Nekomado and Greencat!

WSL 2018 Winners

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all participating players!

WSL 2018 Tournament System


10 groups of 4 teams.

Round 1 - Team 1 plays team 2. Team 3 plays team 4.

Round 2 - The 2 winning teams play each other, the two losing teams play each other.

Teams with 2 wins qualify directly for Knock-out Stage pool A, teams with 2 losses for B.

Round 3 - The team who won round 1 but lost round 2 in group A, plays the team who lost round one but won round 2 from group B and vice-versa. Similar for groups C+D E+F G+H I+J.

Knock out stage:

Pool A, round 1 - The 10 teams with 2 wins and no losses will be drawn at random vs. the 10 teams with 2 wins and one loss. Exception: Teams who already played each other in groupstage can't play each other again.

Pool B, round 1 - The 10 teams with 1 win and two losses will be drawn at random vs. the 10 teams with 2 losses. Exception: Teams who already played each other in groupstage can't play each other again.

2nd round - Random draw for pairings between the 10 winning teams in each group of round 1.

Extra round: Due to 5 remaining teams in each pool, by drawing of lots, 2 teams will be selected to play an extra match in order to get the amount of teams remaining in each pool to 4.


Random draw.


Registration for 2018

Dear all, the registration for the 2018 World Shogi League is now open!

Please register your teams at:

Registration has ended!

We have changed the format to a Knockout-based tournament with a preliminary group-stage similar to the World Cup in soccer, or the ISF shogi tournament.

Preliminary stage: 2-3 matches. March-July.
Knock-out stage: 1-4 matches, August-December.

The groups of the preliminary stages will be allocated based on time-zones in order to make it easier for teams to arrange their matches.

Teams consists of 3 players, which have to have nationality or residence in the country they represent.

Best wishes, the WSL team!

WSL Winners 2017

Division A: Japan
Division B: Netherlands
Division C: Hong Kong 2
Division D: Slovakia

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to all who participated, we will be back shortly with the invitation to the 2018 edition, which will change formats to an ISF inspired system with preliminary groups and a knock-out stage.

Greencat's prizes for WSL 2016 runner-ups

The Japanese player ”Greencat” has been most helpful in arranging memorabilia prizes by Pro-players!

As you can see from the photos below, legandary 9 Dan Hifumi Kato as well as lady professionals Yamaguti, Hasegawa and Karolina Styczynska have issued authographs and signed photos!

The prizes are the following:

1) Kato autograph
2) Hasegawa autograph
3) Yamaguti autograph
4) Kato Clear file
5) Kato signed Tendo photo
6) Karolina Clear file

As the winners of each division has been presented with teaching games by the JSA, Greencat has decided these prizes will go to the runner-ups in each division, as well as the team with the best percentual score.

Congratulations to Russia, Germany, France 2, Netherlands, Czech Republic and China!
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JSA grand prize!

Due to sponsorship from the Shogi Renmei, we are proud to announce that each division winners will be granted teaching games by professionals!

Top pros, including recent Ouza challenger Nakamura, will play individual games against 3 team members of each winning team. The games will be followed by a post-game discussion, and if necessary, translation help will be provided by 81-dojo creator Hidetchi.

We are very thankful and honored for this generous gift, and would like to express our gratefulness to the JSA. It provides an excellent finale to this year's WSL, the deciding games to identify the divisions winners, and especially the upcoming teaching games themselves!
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Welcome to the new homepage

Welcome to World Shogi League's new home!
I hope you are satisfied with its design and features.

If you encounter any errors, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please contact one of the following organizing members:

Christopher Gallardo Cerón (chief producer) Send PM
Peter Heine Nielsen (chief organizer) Send PM
Andreas Neumaier (web designer) Send PM

Note: Please state your username when sending a PM - else we can't reply.


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